Dragon Naturally Speaking : Step Up Your Work

I was just browsing the Internet yesterday and I happened to stumble upon this beautiful peice of software named Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.0. It is a text-to-speech and speech to text conversion software. The best part of it is the speech to text conversion. It is different from the others and takes much less in training. In fact it has different options for different kind of people. It is specialized for Indians who speak in Indian accent and for Americans who speak in American English and so on and so forth. Well most of us think that these are just games to play with. But Dragon NaturallySpeaking is truly different.
It can control windows command buttons, mouse clicks and type in keyboard shortcuts as and when you say. This makes up for a great feature as you can use this to speed up your work. You could be writing an e-mail to a friend or you could be typing in your text editor, you might be needing to align your text, capitalize or even italicize it while you might be busy with something else.
I have composed the video of me using the software and I totally feel it is worth the money. It is common thinking that you can type too fast and typing is the best way to do it. But to those who think so I say you’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen this software.
And guess what this post has been created using the same. Enjoy.

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  1. Ankur Mathur said:

    Thanks for the wonderful discovery buddy! This speech to text feature is definitely an interesting feature to be seen when compared to some softwares of the same class. It is surely better than its competitor versions available as of now. I did give it a throw… and yes.. it does save a lot of time for doing some usual stuffs like clicking and closing,etc.., while operating the OS.

    February 22, 2010

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