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Install the small package KINTERNET to control the connection (connect
and disconnect from tray).


Installing the WASCE WTP Server Adapter using the file
Installing in Eclipse Europa

1. Visit the welcome page from the Eclipse Update Site for IBM
WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (http://
2. Find the package and click the linkage to
download it.
3. Make sure Eclipse is not running.
4. Extract this package to your Eclipse directory.
5. Use the Eclipse -clean option after installing the WTP server

copy as root to the /opt/IBM/SDP directory using
type : cd plugins
type : cp -r * /opt/IBM/SDP/plugins/
type : cd ..
type : cd features
type : cp -r * /opt/IBM/SDP/features/

NOTE : There should be no ommission of file error.

then use
./eclipse -clean
to rerun RAD


First install sun-jdk downloaded from here :

NOTE : choose jdk update 13. use ./ to run the jdk setup.

to install rad extract all zips files. now open konsole.

navigate to RAD_SETUP folder.
Type : cd ..
Type : chmod -R u+x RAD_SETUP
Type : cd RAD_SETUP
Type : ./

Thats it you have launched the gui for RAD setup . install with

Note : Disconnect internet before starting

Peice Of Cake!! right




To install db2 :
go to install software.
(Start – > application – > system – > configuration -> install

Put the opensuse dvd in drive and then
search for libstdc++ . check libstdc++33 and click accept.
it will install from cd in a sec.

then open Konsole (start -> applications)
type in : su
it will ask for password give it (123 if you created gennext as i told
now keep the konsole running .
Copy the db2 for linux tar file to your home directory (start ->
computer -> home)
now click on it to open with ark. extract its contents in home.

Now come back to the terminal .

Type : cd expc
Type : ./db2setup
and then the setup installer GUI will appear. and db2 will install

Configuration Options for db2 :

DAS user : db2admin password : password
do not change group or anything else.
DB2 Instance Owner :
User: work passowrd: 123
Default setting for fenced user. just type in password as 123.

log into work and then
Now on konsole type db2start to start db2 and then db2cc to have the
GUI front end like mysql query browser


OPENSUSE install

Create a 15 – 20 GB unallocated partition through windows disk
management or any partition manager of your choice,


Installation is pretty straight forward. I prefer to use KDE 4.1
desktop environment.
HARDDISK CONFIG : I went for expert config and suggest that you
should. You will not see the unallocated space you created there. but
dont worry it is usable. click add and create a 600 MB ext 3 partition
with mount point /boot.
Next Create a 2 GB swap partition and the remaining an ext3 with mount
point “/”.
If you want to access the windows files via opensuse select each of
your windows partition and select edit.
Next confirm that it says “DO NOT FORMAT” and set its mount point to /
the mount point will change as the number of drives are increased.
BOOTLOADER CONFIG : when you finish giving all your inputs it displays
an anallysis of taks. Select bootloader.
switch to bootloader config there. select only 2 options.
1. install bootloader to boot partition
2. install bootloader to MBR

You are done……


Unetbootin is the tool that can install near about any distro of linux through usb. I installed Ubuntu it took me 4 mins to complete it. Ultimate Edition in 7 mins. It can really be handy.. it saves a hell lota time. freely available at .


am currently downloading slax and will use it with my usb. will write about it soon..


The best Distro that i have seen till date is Ultimate Edition (UE). UE looks sharp. it has emerald window manager that can make it look like vista and even better…
easy to install.. detects ntfs partitions automatically… very stable as it is based on ubuntu……
it is also bundled with a whole load of s/w . it has support for mp3 playback nd no codec required, it is good for all kinds of users:
i) Multimedia : it has a variety of audio and video players…. like amarok and vlc
ii) Developers : it comes with IDEs for all sorts of languages.
iii) Graphics : uncountable graphic / image editors..
iv) Home Users: its great and user friendly look makes it appealing for all users to be able to operate it without much hassle.
v) Gamers : It comes with a gamers edition that contains linux based games for all hardcore gamers.
It comes with Gnome, XFCE , Enlightment Desktop environments. It also has great archiving and iso makers / burners all bundled along it….
So for all with limited download/upload, here’s the distro u’d want.